Food And Beverage Department Function In Hotel

Food And Beverage Department Function In Hotel

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What are the functions of the food and beverage department, a food and beverage department is responsible for supplying food and drink to the members of an organization and its guests food and beverage departments have employees with multiple dining-related roles including bartender barista server cook chef hostess dining room server food service attendant and dishwasher. Functions of f b operations ms3304 hospitality management, 5 beverage control beverages refer to drinks either alcoholic or non-alcoholic non-alcoholic beverages include tea coffee juices shakes aerated drinks and mineral water the entire food service outlet usually provides non-alcoholic beverage when we need to control the beverage we need to consider the following factors. Functions of food and beverage department in hotel - answers, the food and beverage f b department in a hotel is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the dining rooms restaurants room service if available and the needs of any other function such as a meeting or party that might desire food and beverages.

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